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Summer summary

The summer had so much to offer, from activities to fruit picked in the garden, from quiet moments to a bit more action. Now “real life” is back, but the days are still wonderful, and I hope there will be more to show from late summer life.





Just back from almost a week of cycling on Österlen in the South of Sweden. The landscape and coast were beautiful, and it would be nice to return in wintertime for graphical landscape pictures. Here are a few impressions of what it looks like there.


Cube with two circles

Also, it’s time to welcome another member to our two-wheeled family in the garage – a mountain bike for myself, which is a lot tougher than I am. But it is willing to work on its model career in addition to carrying me through the forest.

First the “studio shots”:


And then “on location” – more or less in action, depending on the rider.



Springtime again

Spring has come again, and as usual everything goes so fast that I am afraid that I can’t enjoy it appropriately. The anemones are in full bloom, and I hope to manage to sneak off on a sunny day to the Tinnerö landscape to get a few shots before it’s all over again.


a r c h i v e
s e a r c h