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Cube with two circles

Also, it’s time to welcome another member to our two-wheeled family in the garage – a mountain bike for myself, which is a lot tougher than I am. But it is willing to work on its model career in addition to carrying me through the forest.

First the “studio shots”:


And then “on location” – more or less in action, depending on the rider.



Springtime again

Spring has come again, and as usual everything goes so fast that I am afraid that I can’t enjoy it appropriately. The anemones are in full bloom, and I hope to manage to sneak off on a sunny day to the Tinnerö landscape to get a few shots before it’s all over again.


More souls

The Seven Souls needed new pictures, as they had a bit of a turnover amongst their members – a new drummer and a new trombone have arrived, and therefore new pictures were needed. Here’s a little preview, and there’s probably more to come on their homepage within the next weeks (when I have managed to post-process the pix).


Nothing to be afraid of

Last weekend I went to the dentist – but not to get my teeth pulled out. Instead we took a set of pictures, partly to populate her homepage (I’ll link to it as soon as it’s up and running), and partly to increase my stock at Maskot. Within a few weeks you will find a number of dentist pictures there, and if you need your teeth checked I can warmly recommend a visit.


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