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Rather cube than cubicle!

The last two Saturdays we took our mountainbikes for longish rides – one in the Kolmården forest and one in Omberg on the shore of Vättern. It was just great, and I am already looking forward to the next tour. Just a pity that it is difficult to bring a camera.



As kind of a payback for the pictures I took a while ago of the Seven Souls, we continued with a session in a biology lab – again, to be submitted to Maskot. It’s really nice to work with these “on-the-job”-pictures, and there may be a few more sessions in the pipeline. Just let me know if you are interested – if your job is visually attractive, it would be great to do a session. Spontaneously I would like to work with a hairdresser, in a clothes boutique or a bicycle store and workshop.




More handcraft

Inspired by the fact that within the next few weeks there will be about 30 pictures from the workshop shooting for sale at Maskot, we continued with a few more pictures of indoor wall painting. If you want to follow Helena’s beautiful work, have a look at the facebook page of her company.





Sanding and painting

Recently a new batch of my pictures was added to the Maskot site, which is very nice. This means that there are 1260 of my pictures for sale, and they cover lots of different themes. I am motivated now to do a few more dedicated sessions, and one of them happened just recently, in a small workshop dedicated to renovation of buildings. Here are a few examples, and I hope that some of them will end up at the picture agency.

Have you considered to market your company with a few pictures, but maybe you have just started or you don’t think you have the budget to invest in a photographer? Then you can always get in touch – if I can use the pictures for submission to the agency, you will get them for free to use as you wish.



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