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Finally Snow

Finally we got some snow, and it would be so nice if it’d last. But you never know, so it’s safest to go out immediately and take a few pictures.



This month I have a very nice task – to produce pictures for an updated homepage of the local “flygvapenmuseum“, that is, the air force museum. So far I’ve had one go, but more visits are scheduled, and it’s very interesting to see the place with a bit of a different eye than you would as the typical visitor. Also, it was very nice to talk to the visitors who ended up on my photos – they were all very kind and helpful. Thank you!


Forest fun

In the spring we took the big flashes out into the forest to try to make steep things look steep and fast and fun. I hope we succeeded at least a bit – it was definitely fun both behind and in front of the camera.



a r c h i v e
s e a r c h