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More souls

The Seven Souls needed new pictures, as they had a bit of a turnover amongst their members – a new drummer and a new trombone have arrived, and therefore new pictures were needed. Here’s a little preview, and there’s probably more to come on their homepage within the next weeks (when I have managed to post-process the pix).


Nothing to be afraid of

Last weekend I went to the dentist – but not to get my teeth pulled out. Instead we took a set of pictures, partly to populate her homepage (I’ll link to it as soon as it’s up and running), and partly to increase my stock at Maskot. Within a few weeks you will find a number of dentist pictures there, and if you need your teeth checked I can warmly recommend a visit.


Between winter and spring in Tinnerö

The goal was to take some doom-like pictures in Tinnerö, a nature reserve close by – which is really not necessarily gloomy, but it has a few corners with swamps and dead trees. In the end we did not end up in those corners, and then there was also much more sun than expected, so that’s how far I could get with my ambitions …


a r c h i v e
s e a r c h