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First signs of spring?

Even though we got another portion of wet snow today, it didn’t manage to cover up the first signs of spring that had recently appeared in the garden. And it looks like they’ll soon be joined by more of their friends.


Freshly baked

The bread baking frenzy has reached us as well, and today I managed to take a few shots before the newest product was eaten. It’s a hazelnut bread, and it turned out really tasty.


Skating on water

Our own way to start into the new year was to take a skating trip across water – at least that’s how it felt, given that there were two or three centimetres of water on top of the black ice on lake Drögen. We could also admire spectacular ice patterns that almost looked like squid and an x-ray of teeth. At the end of the trip we only had to spread our arms and let the wind blow us back to the starting point.


Lisa - ser härligt ut

Winter wonders

Time flies, and finally we’ve managed to leave the grey and more grey and even worse grey autumn behind us and exchanged it for a wonderful winter landscape. The temperature plummeted to -15 degrees and colder, such that the smaller lakes now are frozen (and some covered with snow). We could not resist and ventured first onto Lake Tåkern for some skating in the powder snow and marvelling at the fog that gave the landscape a touch of mystery. Of course a hot soup is necessary on such a cold day. The next day we tried another lake, but found it too risky to skate – instead we went for a hike in the vicinity and could watch the small canal give of steam in its cooling process. So beautiful!


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