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Too long ago

It’s just too long ago since I last updated this blog. I don’t even know what I should blame this on. I’ve had a few assignments since the summer, amongst those a wedding, a family shooting, a few jobs for Scandic and, most recently, a portrait session with a one-year-old. Hopefully I’ll manage to be a bit quicker with new posts about some of those assignments. I’ll start with a few pix from the portrait session last weekend.



Summer has come back, and on Saturday it’s time for a wedding shoot in Motala including a boat trip to Borensberg. Otherwise I am lazier than I should be photowise, reloading the batteries I hope, looking forward to finding some more time for a bit more thought-through projects.



Finally here are a few pictures from Gotland. At times I got “Jurassic Park” vibes, and it was a fantastic place to cycle – no dinosaurs, luckily, nice quiet roads, practically no rain, only a bit too much wind. I hope it wasn’t the last cycle tour there!


Black on Black

Risking to appear slightly obsessed I now post a few pictures of the bike with a black background. But it’s not my fault that it’s got those sleek looks …


Slow Art

Last weekend I spent a few hours on “slow art”, as compared to a typical shutter speed. In fact, even as compared to a night running shutter speed. I tried to turn a piece of soap stone into something resembling an animal. That was really good fun, and I hope I’ll get myself to take the time for this kind of activity more often. Of course, then I wanted to light it with the method of “dark field lighting” (see also this post).


a r c h i v e
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