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Night running

I’ve had a picture in my mind for months.  The idea was to have a runner dashing through a dark forest with a headlamp on. The headlamp should make a light trail where the runner had been going, and just at the end of the light trail the runner should be visible.

The different types of lights in the picture were:

  • available light (not very available though, as it was much darker in the forest than outside …)
  • the headlamp – a continuous light source that moved through the frame
  • flash – actually two flashes, one on camera right in a softbox, and another one gridded and attached to a tree, as crosslight

The (un)available light demanded shutter speeds of more than 30 s, as I wanted to have at least some depth of field to make sure my runner would be in focus. Thus, I went to bulb. A 10 m flash cable ascertained that I could use rear curtain flash – unfortunately this is not available for Canon’s wireless flash firing. An optical sensor fired the second flash upon the first one’s firing. A flash test shot can be seen on the right (short shutter speed), the final result with the long shutter speed (41 s) is on the left. It turned out that I had to keep the shutter open for about 20 s before the runner turned on the headlamp and started running to make the trees somewhat visible. If it hadn’t been for some stupid lanterns lighting up the walking path close by I could have used even longer exposures.

While I like the result there are lots of things I would like to play around with at the next attempt. And then I’d also like to solve the riddle of the additional light trace that appears above the middle section of the main light trace. So far I haven’t figured out what that can be.


Baby girl

A half year old girl was starring for me in March, posing patiently. I especially liked the series when she considered how best to reach the pacifier, then pretending not to be interested at all, until finally going right for it with determination.


No posts = lots of work

The fewer things I post there more work there is to do. The last two months were rather busy. For the County Council I am currently taking pictures of all the clinical divisions. These are posted on the introductory sites on each and every one of them. I think by now I have come more or less halfway. You’ll find them by navigating here, and then you’ll have to click on any of the centres on the left hand side, which will guide you to each of the divisions. While it is rather easy to create an introductory picture for some of the divisions, it is much harder for others.

Apart from that there are lots of portraits to be taken, and the two magazines had had their deadlines. One is available by now – this time I did not make the title page, but then again, I wouldn’t even start thinking of taking on that guy. As soon as the other magazine is available I’ll let you know. Already now I can reveal that I became a blood donor in the process of creating the visual material for it.


Scandic Linköping Väst had a makeover of its rooms and interior, so new pictures were needed for the homepage. The sun was streaming in, such that it was necessary to play around a bit with HDR technique – luckily rooms don’t move! A few more pictures still have to be taken, as the exterior wasn’t finished yet. And tomorrow I will photograph the Scandic Frimis downtown.


A few more things will be presented in new posts, but just to show that there is still some time for hikes with the family in beautiful spring forests I’ll finish off with a double from the Kolmården area.



Running is nice, but taking pictures of other runners is also nice. Today I took the pictures while cycling along. Here are some results.


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