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It’s been a bit quiet on this front, but work for the next research and development magazine has started, so there’s something in the pipeline. For now I’ll post a picture of the “girls downtown”, and then a selfie together with my son. Any likeness?


New Windows

No, not on my computer, but in our house. They were installed last week, and they are great. It was especially great that they seemed to be coupled to the weather, because with the windows came the snow, and for the moment the forecast says it’s here to stay. Let’s hope so!



We knew we would not be able to flee from the terrible weather when going no further than Stockholm, therefore the intention was to spend time indoors, in some of all the museums there. However, I consider rainy weather to be nice photo weather, so I took a small walk through Gamla Stan before heading home again. I particularly liked the location of the Swedish Manometer Factory – can there be anything that is more easily accessible?


Tilt Shift

Finally it was time for a some more new gear. I am still very much in the learning phase, but it looks like it is a nice little toy. So let’s play at first and try out the most extreme angles. As you can see, because that is the sad reality, we still do not have any snow nor ice, so today we went for a walk in the area of FinspĂ„ng to look at an old mining area. That’s where the first picture is from.


a r c h i v e
s e a r c h