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Seven Souls – Live in Concert

Last Saturday the Seven Souls could be seen on stage at the L’Orient in Linköping. I was there to photograph them, and of course to dance and have fun. The lights were very colourful, but not so very strong, so the ISO had to soar, but that doesn’t really hurt the mood in the pictures. And the pictures from our last session were on their posters!



Winter Light 2013

By now it’s a tradition here in town – for the 9th time the Winter Light was lit, this time showing 13 light installations on a path going from the centre of town in western direction to a little park not too far away from our home. So far I’ve only managed to photograph one installation, and being a traffic nerd it had to be the car in the tree. Here it is, from different angles. Let’s hope for snow now, which will surely add a nice effect to some of the other installations.


Signs of health

Or Hälsotecken, as it is called in Swedish, appeared in its autumn edition. It contains a number of my pictures, amongst others the title page.

And just because it is such a healthy activity – so I have something related to the topic – I’ll include some bicycling. Even though you can discuss the health question in the case of the headless cyclist.


Like 1001 nights!


Finally I crossed the magic line – after about three years with Maskot I now have 1001 pictures for sale in their database! Here are the last ones that made it into the pool – from Greenland – and I hope you like them. Just seeing them here makes me long for another adventure like this.


We spent the autumn holidays in Crete, strolling through Chania, hiking through gorges and swimming in the sea. Not the most typical holidays for us, but nice and warm and the first time in Greece for all of us.



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